Monday, February 6, 2012

Munich - Amsterdam - Cologne

Our weekend trip to Amsterdam.
It was cold again, the top temperature was 0. Most of the time it ranges from -15 to -5. as the snow started to come down the autobahn started to slow down, coming to a complete stop at times as the roads were being swept clean by snowplows.

In amsterdam we took in the sights, visited the Vincent van gogh museum, a few coffee shops and toured the red light district. 

On the way back to Munich we stopped at Cologne for a few hours, taking a look at the cathedral and Aleesha wouldn't let us go with out going to the Chocolate Museum.  

Driving in the snow on the autobahn 

Super keen!! 

Not the best time to go shopping for a new car
one of the many coffee shops in Amsterdam! 

A frozen Amsterdam

Cologne Cathedral

a massive chocolate fountain in the chocolate museum in Cologne

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